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Christianity Comes With Enemies

Don’t worry about having enemies. Instead, concern yourself with having the right ones and for the right reasons.

5 Cultural Shifts We Must Understand to Reach Our Neighbors

Thinking like cross-cultural missionaries to reach the West

When Should a Church Use NDAs?

When it comes to protecting a company’s products and technology from competitors, this is all well and good. What isn’t well and good is when NDAs are used to protect leaders and organizations from bad behavior.

Why Hybrid Church Is Here to Stay

Churches have been experiencing declining attendance for some time. What the pandemic did was accelerate and widen the effect of two seismic cultural changes that hold enormous import for the life and mission of the church.

The Six Other Pandemics We Need to Talk About

While we have focused on the COVID-19 pandemic, here are the other cultural pandemics that have arisen in its wake.

Where Everybody Knows Somebody

Why you should think of your church as a community of communities.

The Importance of Innovation in the Church

Opening your ministry up to new ideas

Reaching People in a TikTok World

What we can learn about connecting with Gen Z and younger generations