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Interview: Jane the Uber Evangelist

Jane the Uber driver shares her faith and the love of Jesus with her passengers. Here's her story.

Words of Wisdom for Future Leaders

"Ambition for ambition’s sake is pointless. Instead, we live under the great umbrella of God’s good will."

Leverage Tech to Advance the Kingdom

“Instead of choosing to react on impulse, we should choose words that bring life and encouragement to all.”

Evangelism in Small Church America: Exclusive Research

“Intentionality in prayer, evangelism and discipleship are necessary to drive the church toward reaching the unreached."

Quit Squirming: 3 Reasons We Don’t Share the Gospel

"Resting in the very love and forgiveness of Christ authenticates our witness and gives it vitality."

A Kansas Pastor Learns That a Heart for Evangelism Starts With Him

“I was operating in ‘airplane mode.’ I carried the gospel with me, but I wasn’t using it or sharing it.”