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What To Do When You Fail at Evangelism

As with anything in life, there will be times when we fail in evangelism. This is how we should respond.

How We Make the Message Relatable

Share your faith in an understanding and accessible way through relationships with others.

Why We Are ALL Missionaries

We once thought ourselves a religious majority, but we are now a convictional minority. We've got to shift our thinking.

3 Perfect Opportunities to Share Your Faith

Stay alert to these three contexts that are ideal for evangelism.

How to Make Evangelism Part of Your Culture

A few small changes can help you make evangelism a priority and lead to a bolder witness. Here's how to do it.

Don’t Quit Your Day Job (God Can Use It)

We need to encourage those who work "secular" jobs to live on mission as those strategically placed by God.

Amplify Conference (June 25–26)

Amplify is a three-day event where church leaders will reimagine an evangelism for our day.

Your Friends WANT to Hear the Gospel

A full 79 percent of nonbelievers are willing to have a conversation about faith with a friend. What are we waiting for?