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Why We Should Keep Sharing Christ, Even With the Same People

Reasons to persevere in evangelism

Seeing Your Worth Clearly

Excerpted from 'Empower' (B&H)

Is Your Spirituality Authentic?

Rethink Your Self (B&H Books)

Diagnosing the Discipleship Disease

Excerpted FromDeep DiscipleshpBy J.T. English The local church has a discipleship disease. And without the proper diagnosis and treatment plan, we will do more harm...

The Fear of Missing Out

Excerpted FromA Way With WordsBy Daniel Darling The internet can make us smarter, but it can also be the equivalent of eating junk food three...

A Season of Waiting

Excerpted FromResuscitating EvangelismBy Jordan & Ernest Easley Most of us hate waiting. It doesn’t matter if we’re waiting for our family to get ready for...

When Your Sin Confronts You

Our sin doesn't just affect us. That's why it cannot stay hidden.