Amplify Conference (June 25–26)

Amplify is a three-day event where church leaders will reimagine an evangelism for our day.

Evangelism in Leadership: As Easy as 5 Simple Steps

“If we are not missional in our daily lives, our people will not be missional, either. We cannot lead what we are not living.”

Evangelism in Small Church America: Exclusive Research

“Intentionality in prayer, evangelism and discipleship are necessary to drive the church toward reaching the unreached."

Quit Squirming: 3 Reasons We Don’t Share the Gospel

"Resting in the very love and forgiveness of Christ authenticates our witness and gives it vitality."

A Kansas Pastor Learns That a Heart for Evangelism Starts With Him

“I was operating in ‘airplane mode.’ I carried the gospel with me, but I wasn’t using it or sharing it.”

7 Invaluable Laws of Evangelism Growth

"When it comes to evangelism, we can learn a lot from leaders in secular spheres who teach on personal leadership."

Overcoming Evangelism Frustration—A 30-Day Accountability Process

"Regardless of what we did, it seemed we could not sustain evangelism desires throughout our church body."

What Is Your Evangelism Question?

"The big narrative and the historical core—you can’t understand one without the other."