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Reversing Pastoral Burnout

Now is the time to redouble efforts to help ministry leaders flourish in their roles, recovering from the trauma of recent years and preparing for the road ahead.

How U.S. Adults Perceive Evangelicals

Evangelicals seen through a political lens

Majority of Pastors Had Previous Career, Survey Shows

Barna: Roughly one-quarter (26 percent) remains bivocational.

The Main Reasons Christians Give to Charity

Barna: The main reasons people say they have gotten involved in a cause in the past are primarily emotional.

Loneliness in America

The majority of adults has anywhere between two and five close friends (62 percent), but one in five regularly or often feels lonely.

Survey: Christians Set the Bar High in the Workplace

Barna Group: Most employed Christians want to do good in their places of work—but not always in a way that stands out.

A New Look at Gen Z and Morality

Barna: One-quarter of Gen Z (24 percent) strongly agrees that what is morally right and wrong changes over time.

Barna: Christians in the Workplace

These new findings from Barna explore how Christians feel about vocation and calling.