Ralph Moore

Ralph Moore is the founding pastor of three churches. He and his wife, Ruby, currently pastor Hope Chapel Honolulu. Beginning with just 12 people, the Hope Chapel movement now numbers over 2,300 churches worldwide. These are the offspring of the 70+ congregations launched from Ralph’s hands-on disciple-making efforts.

The Astonishing Power of Microchurches—and You

To make the greatest impact, we must shift our focus from making disciples to making disciple makers.

The Opportunity in Ordinary Life

Every one of us has a private village. This circle is where we can most effectively share what Jesus has done for us and for others.

Shifting Into Overdrive

Change your role from hero to hero maker, and you immediately multiply your capacity to change the world.

Practical Multiplication: Multiplying Microchurches

A conversation with Jason Shepperd, Ralph Moore and Myron Pierce

Practical Multiplication Webinar: The Math of Multiplication

A conversation between Todd Wilson, Ralph Moore and Myron Pierce

4 Obstacles to Church Multiplication

“If we really are intent on bringing the world to Jesus, whatever model we choose must be infinitely reproducible.”