A Church-Planting Church: The Point Church

No. 37 Fastest-Growing: The Point Church in North Carolina Grows Through Rapid Multiplication

Growing Healthy: Vaughn Forest Church

No. 55 Fastest-Growing: Vaughn Forest Church in Alabama Focuses on Trust, Communication and Unity

Redeeming Brokenness: International Christian Center

No. 82 Fastest-Growing: International Christian Center in New York City Turns Tragedy Into Triumph

Taking Next Steps: 2|42 Community Church

No. 74 Fastest-Growing: 2|42 Community Church in Michigan Encourages Members to Be the Church Everywhere

Joy and Generosity: Calvary Baptist Church

No. 29 Fastest-Growing: Calvary Baptist Church in Arizona Intentionally Serves the Whole Community

Planning and Prayer: Eagle Brook Church

No. 54 Fastest-Growing: Eagle Brook Church in Minnesota Makes Every Sunday ‘Predictably Good’

A Place to Belong: Life Bridge Church

No. 30 Fastest-Growing: Life Bridge Church in Michigan Makes People Feel Like a Part of Something Bigger

One Individual at a Time: Grace Church of Greater Akron

No. 80 Fastest-Growing: Grace Church of Greater Akron in Ohio Embraces a Heart for Evangelism

Empowered Leaders: Christ Community Church

No. 72 Fastest-Growing: Christ Community Church’s Pastoral-Residency Program Leads to Growth in Kansas and Missouri

A Vision for the City: Lifehouse Church

No. 58 Fastest-Growing: Maryland’s Lifehouse Church Reaches More Through Meeting at Different Venues