Todd Mullins: ‘We Believe Faith Takes Action’

“Instead of trying to bury our failures we need to bring them into the light and learn from them.”

Larry Osborne: ‘Discipleship Is a Two-Way Path’

“If I want to speak spiritual truth into your life, I often need to first let people speak wisdom and truth into my life.”

Bishop Joseph W. Walker III: ‘Staff to Your Weakness’

“If the world is going to experience healing, the body of Christ must be the example in transcending all that divides us.”

Joby Martin: ‘Walk With Neither a Swagger nor a Limp’

“It’s my experience that it’s impossible to win over your enemies; you win over your friends.”

Brian Tome: ‘Spiritual Leadership Is All About Followership’

“We are the ones who can bring healing and change because we are the ones who should be receiving healing and change.”

Chris Hodges: ‘Not Everything That Is Doable Is Sustainable’

“I’m learning that ministry is really an overflow of my relationship with Jesus.”

Bob Merritt: ‘Truth and Love Must Go Together’

"The day we give up the truth—and are afraid to speak the truth—is the day the church dies and society is lost forever.”

Scott Nickell: ‘Teaching Real Truth to Real People’

“Healing only happens when you are willing to address a wound; pretending it’s not there makes it worse.”

Chris Stephens: ‘The Church Needs to Be the Grace Place’

“Developing leaders takes some serious effort and time. You can’t ‘nuke’ leaders; they must be ‘Crock-Potted!’”

Ron Vietti: ‘Let People Take Precedence Over the Machine’

“True, sincere love for others can break down any walls. You don’t have to agree with the way people live to love them.”