Jim Burgen: A Church of Open Arms

“The best thing I have done is surround myself with people who are high in creativity and high in trust.”

Bil Cornelius: When Church People Leave

"Your burden for lost people must be valued more than your desire to please saved people."

Chris Bell: Creating a Welcoming Culture

“I don’t want to be a part-time Christian, full-time pastor. I want to have a personal walk with God that overflows into my ministry.”

Fast Talk: 5 Rapid-Fire Questions with Mark Driscoll

Connecting with Mark Driscoll to ask him five rapid-fire questions about his Sunday routine.

Richard Foster: What Should We Measure in the Church Today?

"The essential thing is this: Are people really growing into the life of Jesus? If they’re not, we better take a very close look at what we’re doing."

Rick Warren: Redemptive Criticism (and Other Virtues)

"It’s the number one fear of pastors—the fear of criticism. And it's their number one pain."

Matt Carter: A New Vision for the City

Almost four years into the life of the church he planted with a core team that included worship leader Chris Tomlin, Matt Carter had a profound mountainside experience.

Bill Hybels: If I Were Planting a Church Today

A candid conversation with the planter of Willow Creek Community Church.

Larry Osborne: Discipleship Through Community

“We believe that all the ‘one anothers’ of Scripture and the things we’re supposed to obey are going to show up in community.”

Actress Roma Downey: Bringing Bible Stories to Life

The star of the former hit TV show “Touched by an Angel” shares her views of “The Bible” miniseries, premiering March 3 on the History Channel.