Efrem Smith

An internationally recognized leader and speaker, Efrem Smith is superintendent of the Pacific Southwest Conference of the Evangelical Covenant Church. He was the founding pastor of Sanctuary Covenant Church in Minneapolis and has written multiple books, including “Raising Young Heroes,” “The Hip-Hop Church” and “The Post-Black and Post-White Church.”

What COVID-19 Exposed

The church must equip cross-cultural, reconciling and justice-oriented disciple makers.

Who Are We to Be, No Matter the Season?

Our call is one of compassion and justice in any and every season.

If You Can’t See These People, You Can’t See Christ

"How we treat the poor, the oppressed, the immigrant and the incarcerated is directly related to our intimacy with God."

Efrem Smith: Pursuing a Childlike Citizenship

"Armed with love and with childlike faith, we become an army, advancing the right-side-up kingdom of God."

Efrem Smith: The Power and Freedom of a Transformed Mind

"A significant part of living the transformed life of a Christ-follower is a renewed mind."