Jerry Harris: Broader Horizons

“While our attendance and decision numbers are important to us, the more meaningful measurements are numbers of small group leaders, groups and apprentices.”

Mindy Caliguire: From Striving to Abiding

"Do we want a story of smart, hard-working people that burn themselves into the ground for the sake of the Kingdom? Or do we want a different story?"

Matt Carter: Becoming a Church for the City

"We win not simply by how much and how well we can gather people, but by how much and how well we can release people into the city.”

What I'm Learning: Don't Quit!

Chuck Warnock: "If you’re thinking, “Well, he doesn’t know how bad things are”—believe me, I do."

Harvey Turner: Disciples Make Disciples

"If we grow in weekend numbers but we don't in other areas, we don't consider that to be a win."

Tim Harlow: Beyond "Nickels and Noses"

“We measure the same as anyone: nickels and noses. But everyone is trying to figure out how to measure the deeper discipleship issues.”

What I'm Learning: Lead from the Inside Out

Kevin Harney: "I have learned that I accomplish far more in six days of labor than in seven."

What I’m Learning: Pastors Need Friends, Too

Karl Vaters: "The most important lesson I've learned in recent years is to be a member of my church, not just its pastor."

Randy Frazee: Macromanage From Mission

“Macromanage from a clear mission, vision, values and plan, and you don't have to wear yourself out micromanaging.”

What I'm Learning: You Just Have to Rest

Anne Marie Miller: "We cannot be dependent on ourselves and dependent on God at the same time."