Try This: Be Prepared When Disaster Strikes

Take steps now so your church can respond quickly when the time comes.

Planting a Community Garden: Grace Baptist Church in Oregon

An Oregon church produces thousands of pounds of food for the local food bank, senior center and a women's shelter.

Providing Produce to Families in Need: Grace UMC in Indiana

Church distributes 41,000 pounds of potatoes to fight poverty and offer food security to those in need.

Surf Camp Outreach: Catch the Wave

Surf camps in Southern California help youth grow in faith.

Providing Free Dental Care to Low-Income Families: Northland Church in Florida

Northland church works with other organizations to hold the annual Central Florida Dental Outreach event for low-income residents.

Business and the Bible Boot Camp

For the last five years, By Grace Alone has hosted the two-week “business boot camp” for area kids between the ages of 10 and 14, many from outside the church.

Guest Treatment at LifePoint Church

Listening to guests results in positive changes

Providing Beds for Children in Africa: First Baptist Church in Texas

Much like Christ promises rest for the weary, First Baptist Church in Olney, Texas, promises beds for orphaned and abandoned children in Uganda.

Taking Common Ground to the Next Level

About 75 percent of Next Level’s attendees are involved in one of more than 100 interest-based Connection Groups

How to Mentor Underserved Youth

Mentors at North Charleston Dream Center offer a minimum of two “events” per month, and twice a year students receive scorecard assessments in five areas.