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Evangelism and the Way of the Cross

Excerpted From 'No Longer Strangers' (Eerdmans)

Shaping a Gospel-Sharing Church

Creating an evangelistic movement in our churches starts with the way we think about church in the first place.

David Gustafson: A Fresh Look at Evangelism—Part 1

Reaching the unchurched in a post-Christendom society

David Gustafson: The Practice of Witnessing—Part 2

Practical advice on reaching your neighbors for Christ

Finding Abundance in Situations of Scarcity

Michael Mather: Finding Abundant Communities in Unexpected Places

How We Learned to Ask ‘the Poor’ Different Questions

When we began to focus on people's gifts rather than their needs, it was a game changer.

How Heavenly-Mindedness Is Pivotal to Christianity

Christianity has been criticized of being too heavenly-minded to be of earthly good. Here's why that's not the case.