Eugene Cho & Samira Izadi Page: Transforming Evangelism With Immigrant Communities

No Longer Strangers: Transforming Evangelism With Immigrant Communities
(Eerdmans, 2021)

WHO: Eugene Cho, president and CEO of Bread for the World, and founder of Quest Church; and Samira Izadi Page, founder of Gateway of Grace Ministries.

THEY SAY: “Churches need postcolonial guidance and direction to understand what healthy evangelism looks like: evangelism that does not hurt but heals.”

THE BIG IDEA: Evangelizing in the wrong way can unintentionally alienate the very people we are trying to serve. This book discusses different methods of healthier evangelism when it comes to immigrants and refugees.

THE PROGRESSION:Eight contributors each write a chapter that shares a vision for evangelism that honors the most vulnerable.

“Understanding the psychological impact of trauma, oppression and grief that immigrants and refugees are often facing should change the way the church disciples and witnesses to the vulnerable.”

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