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Embrace the Paradigm as a Change Agent

If you are willing to surrender over your walk with the Lord, God can use you to impact your community like never before.

In This World, But Not of It

Believe. Become. Behave. Our faith leads to transformation which leads to a different set of behaviors. Tucked inside that formula is the importance of the way we think.

How to Help Women Delve Deeply into the Word of God

As you get to know the women in your group, discover the unique gifts and talents and explore opportunities to connect them with church or small groups to help them grow in their discipleship journey.

Studying God’s Word Will Change Your Life

There is no virtue in having a Bible sit unread on a shelf or a Bible app sit unused on your phone.

Ed Stetzer: The Elephants in the Room

We need a renewed attention on intimacy with Jesus over efficiency with our smartphones.

Why We Must Be ‘Born Again’

We need more than self-improvement. We need transformation.

3 Levels of Transformation the Gospel Brings

Unleashing the power of Christ to change lives