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Teens Need Something They Can’t Find Online

The body of Christ is essential to spiritual growth. It is not incidental to healthy faith. It is necessary.

Mobilize Your Young People to Lead

Now is the time to mobilize your congregation and your youth group to advance the gospel. Now is the time to energize your people to share the cure for racism, division, confusion, and delusion.

3 Reasons to Encourage Teenagers to Serve in the Church

Why the church should embrace teens serving on Sundays

3 Ways to Raise Up Teen Gospel Activists

Teenagers can be equipped to be a powerful force for the gospel if we adjust our thinking.

Talking With Teens About Anxiety and Depression

As parents, pastors, teachers and counselors, we have a great opportunity to reach out to our suffering teens.

11 Steps for a Successful Digital Detox

I am convinced—from scientific research, from personal experience, and from counseling teens—that any attempt to replace anxiety and depression with peace and joy must...