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What Can the Church Learn about Suicide?

Yet within the Christian community, where openness and grace should flow the richest and deepest, where the masks are meant to come off and safety offered to all, owning depression is virtually taboo. There is an unwritten rule that people of faith shouldn’t be depressed.

Americans Believe Suicide Is Epidemic, Not Pathway to Hell

Religious beliefs and practice also play a role in attitudes toward suicide. Those with evangelical beliefs are more likely than those without evangelical beliefs to say suicide is selfish (48% v. 35%) and automatically leads to hell (39% v. 18%).

When Suicide Hits the Pulpit: Advice to Pastors and Clergy

Excerpted from 'Hope Always' (Tyndale)

How to Broach the Topic of Mental Health With Young People

Don’t underestimate the power of open, honest and vulnerable dialogue.

When Church Leaders Deal With Depression

The church must be aware of its hurting leaders.

Getting Honest About Mental Illness in Church

Jarrid Wilson, church leaders, and the specter of mental illness

How to Help Those Struggling With Depression

We don't have to cower in fear beneath the giant of depression.

When a Pastor Dies by Suicide

Reflections on the passing of Jarrid Wilson, an associate pastor at Harvest Christian Fellowship, who died by suicide on Sept. 9th.