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The Power of Humor and Storytelling in Sharing the Gospel

Most of the time, people are interested in stories they can identify with to know that if it happened for someone, it could happen for them.

Jennifer Holberg on the Power of Story

We can probably all think of examples of people who get “stuck” because they can’t imagine living out a different storyline.

The Great Impact of Storytelling Is Confirmed by Science

Our “life stories” tell us who we are and why we’re here...

A Story Worth Telling

As the church, we are responsible for telling the most important story in human history.

What Story Does Your Facility Tell?

Many churches are housed in rubber-stamp buildings that function in the same ways, regardless of where they’re located. They provide a needed meeting place for the congregation, but may not necessarily contribute to the story in a unique way otherwise.

Tell a Great Story to Rekindle the Flame

When we take those steps to get to know the person instead of operating out of assumptions we grow in compassion, joy, and empathy.