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Why Church Planters Are Stewards, Not Owners

"Church-planting pastors are most dangerous to their flock when they act as owners."

What Would Happen If We Prayed Before We Spent Money?

Setting a waiting period gives God the opportunity to provide what we want, to provide something different or better, or to show us that we don’t need it and should use the money differently.

A Firm Foundation

Without a clear vision, churches are either rooted in their past, focused only on immediate needs or chasing after some shiny innovation.

Rethinking the Church Footprint

The church campus and, by extension, the church lobby is an extension of the house of God; thus, it should be a place that honors the view of reaching people with the gospel of Christ.

What Is Eternity-Minded Stewardship?

Jesus sees our hearts and knows us well. He doesn’t call all disciples to give away everything. He does call us to take radical action that breaks our bondage to money and possessions, freeing us to live under His lordship.

Letting Go of a Defeatist Theology

We can't give in to a fatalistic acceptance of church decline.

Church Leaders Pay off $1 Million in Debt

Elizabeth Baptist Church in Atlanta practices getting out of debt as a form of stewardship.

Honoring God Through Your Work

In my experience, the majority of Christians have a very limited understanding of God’s call on their lives, and therefore what they think about...