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Doing Apologetics Well

Telling people stories about how God has come through for you or for people you know can speak powerfully to them.

Saved Souls and Wind in Your Sails

Soulwinning isn’t the only key to staying strong in ministry, of course. We must also learn to rest, recharge, and renew. We must take our Sabbaths seriously and keep our bodies, souls, and minds in biblical balance.

3 Steps to Win the Lost

Winning the lost is more than just sharing the gospel with someone; it is walking alongside the lost, showing Christ love in the darkest moments of life.

How a Houston Church Weaves God’s Story Into Everything It Does

Ecclesia Houston pastor Chris Seay believes story is the primary way to connect people with their Creator and his purpose for their lives.

Lee Strobel & Mark Mittleberg: Making Your Case for Christ Training Course

Lee Strobel and Mark Mittelberg: An Action Plan for Sharing What You Believe and Why