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Keep Calm and Minister

Can you pass the "Timothy Test?"

6 Tips When Striking Up Spiritual Conversations

Every day we encounter people who don’t know Christ’s saving love—who are “harassed and helpless, like sheep without a shepherd” (Matthew 9:36).

Missing Half the Gospel

Something essential is missing from the way we typically share the gospel.

What’s Missing When You Share the Gospel?

I have the entirety of God’s Word in my language and in my hands, and I can open any copy freely without threat to my life. I’m privileged to have God’s Word, to be able to read God’s Word, and to proclaim God’s Word.

Results May Vary

For the rest of your life, thank him for accepting someone like you–someone who deserved hell (yes, you do!), someone who brings nothing to qualify for heaven–into his eternal family.

Don’t Let Satan Block Your Punch

Don’t let Satan divert your spiritual punch!

How to Tell Someone About Jesus

If you already know someone well, stay attentive to opportunities to ask questions that turn the conversation toward the gospel.

The Gospel in Times of Crisis

What we've learned from the crises of this year about sharing the gospel