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4 Ways to Celebrate Christmas by Serving Together

Ideas for your Sunday school class or small group to connect with your community and each other this holiday season.

Serving God in Our Winter Years

No Matter Your Age, God Still Has Something for You

Paws and Reflect

Moore has had church members tell her that they were too scared to do something missional, but because they love animals, this outreach was a natural fit for them.

Reshaping Your Missional Vision

Reshaping the vision of missions from the pulpit to the pew is all about living a life surrendered to God's will.

4 Ways to Boost Your Community Engagement

What it looks like to be committed to loving people by serving people to Jesus.

Creating Hope in Kenosha

1HOPE ministry is helping the hard-hit Uptown community of Kenosha, Wisconsin, by restoring hope and transforming lives in the wake of the Jacob Blake shooting.

What Churches Need Right Now

This article is not for just anyone. It’s for people who are committed Christ followers who have a church home. It’s not for church...