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faith and culture

Exploring Faith and Liberty

Philadelphia museum traces the role of faith in our nation’s founding

Embrace the Metaverse

Transforming Ministry Through Mixed Reality
post-COVID church

Following God’s Heart for the Community

How Churches Can Recapture the Town Square in a Post-COVID-19 World
church design

What IKEA Can Teach Us About Church Design

How can design help accomplish your mission and calling?

What to Do With So Much Property

Excerpted from 'We Aren't Broke' (Eerdmans)

How to Design for In-Person and Online Church Experiences

Creating a great phygital experience at your church

Free Guide on How to Lead a ‘Relaunch Church’ Meeting Available

How to prepare to relaunch your in-person church meetings

Redeeming Post Commons

Hugh Halter revitalizes Alton, Illinois, with nothing but an old post office.