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Using Space to Practice Generosity

Ascent Community Church in Colorado uses its space to offer its neighbors crazy generosity.

Church Design in the Age of Social Distancing

Communal spaces are becoming more intimidating by the minute. So, how will architects and designers create spaces where relationships can still flourish, without the need for safe...

What Role Do Church Capital Campaigns Play in Post-COVID-19 America?

One of the most exciting parts of the topsy-turvy year we have had so far in 2020 is that churches have had an opportunity to step back...

Echo Park Reborn

Both Echo Park and Foursquare have experienced not just a revitalization, but reconciliation and restoration.

What to Consider as We Prepare to Gather Again

How will things be different when we gather again?

Aging Church Buildings in Today’s World: A Case Study

Is it possible to respect a building's past while refreshing its design?

Fund Future Facilities Now

Set aside funds now for future investments in church facilities.

What to Remember When Looking for Space to Lease

Make sure you understand these 10 factors before you sign an agreement.

Can Renting to a For-Profit Hurt Your Church’s Status?

Here are six things to consider before renting out your church facilities.

Your Space Can Tell Powerful Stories

Great spaces, art and stories let us join God in reflecting his image.