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How to Make Room for Rest

7 ways you can find time to recharge your batteries as a leader

The Sabbath Politics of God’s Kingdom

"Sabbath is wholeness, communion and economics. Sabbath is politics—the politics of God’s rule and reign."

What We’ve Learned About Rest From Staying Home

We should all feel super rested right now, right? I mean, we haven’t gone anywhere. We haven’t really done anything. All the obligations, appointments, and...

How to Find Rest in Restless Times

I’ve been thinking about confessions lately. Augustine’s Confessions in particular. I even quoted The City of God in my Sunday message—I felt quite scholarly...

Holy Margin

How to create space for new and innovative ideas.

10 Life-Giving Truths About Self-Care

Healthy self-care is an essential part of serving God and serving others.

Why Church Leaders Must Take a Day Off

Whether church leaders take Friday, Monday or some other day of each week, the important thing is that you take a day off.

Why I Am Not Chasing Balance This Year

So many people make the resolution to pursue balance each year, when rhythm is what we're really looking for.