Susan Mettes: The Loneliness Epidemic

Susan Mettes

Defuse the Underlying Issues That Take Pastors Down

The Loneliness Epidemic

Brazos Press, 2021

By Susan Mettes

WHO: Susan Mettes, a researcher and behavioral scientist who has worked with Barna Group, Thrivent Financial and World Vision.

SHE SAYS: “Loneliness is perennial. Loneliness is pretty much universal. And yet loneliness is urgent.”

THE BIG IDEA: Based on research from Barna Group, this book highlights the toll loneliness is taking on everyone.

THE PROGRESSION: Part 1, “Understanding an Epidemic,” defines terms and explains the study. Part 2, “When Loneliness Defies Stereotypes,” is a deep dive into how loneliness is influenced by age, romance, insecurity, social media, faith and privacy. The book concludes with “Protecting Against Loneliness,” a section that offers practical tips for those in leadership to help those who are lonely and break the loneliness cycle.

“It’s time the church took ministry for mental health, including loneliness, more seriously. Churches should spend at least the amount of energy to address loneliness as they do to get meals to new parents.”

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