Grant Skeldon: The Seemingly Reckless, Definitely Disruptive, But Far From Hopeless Millennials

The Passion Generation

The Passion Generation: The Seemingly Reckless, Definitely Disruptive, but Far From Hopeless Millennials
(Zondervan, 2018)

WHO: Grant Skeldon, founder of Initiative Network.

HE SAYS: “The church has called millennials to join the church. Millennials, however, want to be the church.”

THE BIG IDEA: This book offers methods readers can use to understand not only what millennials are doing but why they are doing it and how we all can more toward healthy community.

Part 1, “Discipling Millennials,” examines who millennials are, what they want and how the church can relate to them. Part 2, “What Millennials Look for in Church,” discusses why millennials support causes and not the church, and what they are looking for in relating to the church.

“The gospel moves at the speed of relationships.”

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