Patrick Keifert & Wesley Granberg-Michaelson: A Guidebook for Church Innovations

How Change Comes to Your Church

How Change Comes to Your Church: A Guidebook for Church Innovations
(Eerdmans, 2019)

WHO: Patrick Keifert, president and director of research of Church Innovations Institute, and Wesley Granberg-Michaelson, former general secretary of the Reformed Church in America.

THEY SAY: “Meaningful change in the life of the church, whether at the congregational or the denominational level, is arduous and frequently elusive.”

THE BIG IDEA: This book offers tested practices and pathways that create a climate and a culture in which change can take root.

In six chapters, the authors share stories and insights to help churches develop a culture that is open to change. They focus on basic features and practices that must be present in order for change to take place, such as being rooted in God’s Word, making space for change and nurturing a climate for discernment.

“The transformative, missional change so deeply needed by the church, both local and global, will not come through quick fixes, catchy slogans, inspiring weekend speakers, and neat formulas wrapped in consulting fees. The change the church needs comes slowly and patiently.”

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