Gerald Sittser: Resilient Faith

How the Early Christian “Third Way” Changed the World

Resilient Faith: How the Early Christian “Third Way” Changed the World
(Brazos, 2019)

WHO: Gerald Sittser, professor of theology at Whitworth University where he serves as senior fellow and researcher in the Office of Church Engagement.

HE SAYS: “The Third Way was like a resistance movement, both subversive and peaceful, bearing witness to God’s coming kingdom. But rather than following a strategy of violent revolution, Christians immersed themselves in the culture as agents of the kingdom.”

THE BIG IDEA: Recovering the practices of the early church can help us today in our post-Christan context.

This thoroughly researched book examines how the early church was able to change the world, and how its practices can be employed today. In nine chapters, the author shows how our Christian witness can be enhanced by learning what early Christians adopted.

“The ancient might not be as far removed from the modern as we think. Traveling back in time might be our best course of action as we move into the future with renewed energy, creativity and courage.”

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