Mark DeVries and Scott Pontier: Sustainable Young Adult Ministry

Sustainable Young Adult Ministry: Making It Work, Making It Last
(IVP, 2019)

WHO: Mark DeVries, president of Ministry Architects, and Scott Pontier, lead pastor of Jamestown Harbor Church in Hudsonville, Michigan.

THEY SAY: “A church like yours can seize this specific moment in history and pass the baton to the next generation by working a deliberate, sustainable process where the gospel flourishes among young adults.”

THE BIG IDEA: This book explores six common mistakes churches make in their efforts to reach young adults and offers six paradoxes that return churches to a simpler, more biblical ministry model.

Through 16 chapters, the authors pinpoint the six mistakes they have made in trying to reach young adults, then they offer six ways that do work. Full of practical advice, this handbook offers a different approach to reaching young people. Includes additional online supplemental material.

“If we miss out on reaching this generation, we’ll have missed the opportunity of a lifetime.”

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Mark DeVries and Scott Pontier
Mark DeVries and Scott Pontier

Mark DeVries is president of Ministry Architects.

Scott Pontier is lead pastor of Jamestown Harbor Church.