Bob Merritt: Done With That

Escape the Struggle of Your Old Life

Done With That
(David C. Cook, 2019)

WHO: Bob Merritt, pastor of Eagle Brook Church in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

HE SAYS: “If the old life is gone and a new life has come, why do I repeat habits I know hurt myself and others?”

THE BIG IDEA: God can help us escape the old life of anxiety, fear, sin and death, and through him have a new life full of love, peace, joy and eternal life.

In Part 1, “Getting Honest,” the author examines what the “old life” is for Christians and how the new life begins. Part 2, “Aha Moments,” looks at sin and how we can fall back into old patterns. “The New Life Is Less and More” is Part 3. In it the author talks about what we should focus on—obedience, people, sacrifice and devotion—to fully live a new life in God.

“This world will always have temptation and sin, and you and I will sometimes run off and lose our way. When we do, we become vulnerable to falling back into the old patterns of darkness, danger and fear. When that happens, I hope you hear God saying, ‘You’re my boy. You’re my girl. Come back home. Don’t look back.’”

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