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Bob Merritt: Done With That

Escape the Struggle of Your Old Life

The Good Thing About Pain

Pain is a signal that something's wrong, and it takes humility, honesty and hard work to address it.

Bob Merritt: ‘Truth and Love Must Go Together’

"The day we give up the truth—and are afraid to speak the truth—is the day the church dies and society is lost forever.”

Planning and Prayer: Eagle Brook Church

No. 54 Fastest-Growing: Eagle Brook Church in Minnesota Makes Every Sunday ‘Predictably Good’

Bob Merritt: ‘No Leader Is Immune’

"What concerns me most is leadership failure. If a leader’s flame is out before age 50, everybody loses."

Experience Speaks: Bob Merritt

Bob Merritt: "Don’t get too excited about the highs or too depressed about the lows."

“I Was Encouraged When …”

10 pastors of Outreach 100 churches share some of their most encouraging moments.

5 Tips for Technical Arts

Technology can help attract and keep guests