Curt Landry: Reclaiming Our Forgotten Heritage

How Understanding the Jewish Roots of Christianity Can Transform Your Faith

Reclaiming Our Forgotten Heritage
(Nelson Books, 2019)

WHO: Curt Landry, founder of Curt Landry Ministries.

HE SAYS: “As you uncover the lost roots of your spiritual heritage and engagement with the key elements of covenant alignment, you can live more fully and leave a powerful legacy.”

THE BIG IDEA: To realize the fullness of Christ’s kingdom we need to understand the fullness of our Jewish heritage.

The author parallels his life story and personal testimony with the church’s becoming more Roman than Jewish. Through 17 chapters, he relates his story of finding out his birth mother was Jewish—and how that impacted his Christian walk—and reveals the power believers can grasp by connecting with their Jewish roots.

“I believe God is calling us back to our heritage so that he can show us our true identities as believers and followers of Jesus Christ.”

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