Planning Your Facebook Campus

Excerpted FromFrom Social Media to Social MinistryBy Nona Jones As an executive and entrepreneur, I believe sustained success starts with a clearly defined vision by which opportunities are...

Exponential Launches a Collection of Free Webinars on Church Multiplication and Race

Guests including John Perkins, Miles McPherson, Brian Loritts, Matt Chandler, Grant Skeldon, Brenda Salter McNeil and more

Pushpay Updates Donor Development Solution

Updated donor development tools

Why Digital Media Will Continue to Be Key for Your Church in the New...

Two critical things pastors and church leaders need to know

What Can Cloud Computing Do for Your Church?

5 advantages of Internet applications.

Why We Need a Theology of Technology

Technology is an amoral resource, like money; so how do we steward our technological engagement well?

8 Ways to Use Your Cell Phone for Ministry

Here are some ways you can "redeem" your phone for ministry.

YouVersion Announces the Most Popular Verse of 2018

YouVersion data showed a 27 percent increase in daily active users compared to 2017.

Mosaix Launches New Podcast

Mosaix Today With Rachel and Mark is designed to help listeners pursue the building of a healthy multiethnic and economically diverse, culturally intelligent, socially just and financially sustainable church.

6 Ways to Boost First-Time Giving

Founder of, church leader Justin Trapp ( provides pastors with tools and resources to craft meaningful sermons in less time. Here he shares how to make...
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