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Staffing and Teams

Church Human Resources: 3 Important Considerations

“Setting up and implementing a strategic HR plan for your new church isn’t an unspiritual aspect or an afterthought.”

Why Megachurches Are Having a Hard Time Finding Pastors

Here are reasons there's a supply and demand crisis in pastoral searches for megachurches.

3 Keys to Finding Work-Life Balance in Ministry

“Work-life balance is organic and unpredictable; it’s not an appointment on your calendar.”

Thinking Globally as a Church

Start where global needs and your community intersect.

5 Marriage Landmines to Avoid When Change Comes

William Vanderbloemen: "Avoid these five landmines, and your pastoral transition is guaranteed to go as smoothly as possible."

Discovering a New Focus on Service

How missions and outreach teams are shifting their focus to serving their church communities in creative ways

Be Present as a Leader

Leading in person can form a stronger team and culture.

5 Church Staffing Trends

William Vanderbloemen: "Look for leaders of leaders who naturally invest in others and create a culture of excellence."

3 Characteristics of Outstanding Teams

Leverage each other's strengths for a more cohesive team.

3 Keys to Successfully Onboard New Team Members

Follow these steps and you'll smooth the process of training and integrating a new volunteer.