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This Innovation Will Change How You Do Ministry

A simple way to boost your ministry productivity: silence your phone

3 Important HR Considerations for Church Planters

Developing a robust HR plan early on in your church plant will help you maintain your volunteers and keep them happy.

5 Ways to Build a Small-Church Dream Team

William Vanderbloemen: “Churches need to find leaders who know how to build teams and develop leaders around them.”

3 Secrets to an Irresistible Workplace Culture

The church staff churn rate is increasing. Reducing staff turnover starts with the values we preach—and live.

What’s Your Candidate’s ‘Operating System’?

Discovering how they engage with Scripture can provide valuable insights.

All Effective Pastors Share This Leadership Attribute

William Vanderbloemen: "Nobody is a perfect leader, but there is one thing that all successful pastors have in common."

6 Practices That Sabotage Search Committees

The typical search process should be no longer than six months. These bad habits are often at play when it takes longer.

How We Successfully Recruit and Retain Volunteers

How we make our volunteers feel valued.

How to Increase Evangelism Without Adding Staff or Overhead

"Creativity can be your best friend in doing evangelism well. Sometimes all it takes is an iPhone and a light."

3 Steps for Church Planters to Build a Healthy Team

These steps will help you lay the foundation for a healthy staff culture from the ground up.