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Staffing and Teams

The 10 Commandments of Long-Range Succession Planning

William Vanderbloemen & Warren Bird: How to start the process before a transition happens

Don’t Lose Your Best People

Why big churches have higher staff turnover

2 Keys for Sustainable Ministry Growth

Focus on these things when staffing your ministry.

How We Successfully Recruit and Retain Volunteers

How we make our volunteers feel valued.

What’s Your Candidate’s ‘Operating System’?

Discovering how they engage with Scripture can provide valuable insights.

3 Keys to Successfully Onboard New Team Members

Follow these steps and you'll smooth the process of training and integrating a new volunteer.

3 Important HR Considerations for Church Planters

Developing a robust HR plan early on in your church plant will help you maintain your volunteers and keep them happy.

Be Present as a Leader

Leading in person can form a stronger team and culture.

Thinking Globally as a Church

Start where global needs and your community intersect.

Why Megachurches Are Having a Hard Time Finding Pastors

Here are reasons there's a supply and demand crisis in pastoral searches for megachurches.