Pastors Addressing #MeToo, Research Shows

LifeWay Research: The #MeToo movement—and more public discussion of sexual and domestic violence—seems to have gotten pastors’ attention.

Pastors Remain Optimistic About Church Growth

LifeWay Research: Seventy-nine percent of pastors say weekly worship attendance at their church will increase in the next five years.

Multiracial Congregations Are on the Rise

Baylor University: The percentage of Protestant churches that are multiracial tripled, from 4 percent in 1998 to 12 percent in 2012.

Study: Christians Split on How Visible Their Faith Is

LifeWay Research: Fifteen percent of Protestant churchgoers strongly assert that matters of faith are a part of their regular conversations with fellow believers.

Loneliness in America

The majority of adults has anywhere between two and five close friends (62 percent), but one in five regularly or often feels lonely.

What Does Americans’ Theology Really Look Like?

Because the majority of Americans believe religious belief is more personal opinion than objective truth, beliefs will change over time.

Young Adults Leave the Church, Still Believe in God

LifeWay: Those who stopped attending church are more likely to say they believe in God, but are uncertain about Christianity.

Study: Many Christians Don’t Consistently Serve Others

"Few Protestant churchgoers say they strongly agree they are personally taking actions that indicate a life of service to God and others."

Why People Stay at a Church—and Why They Leave

LifeWay Research: The more people go to church, the more committed they are to attending their same church in the future.

Survey: Christians Set the Bar High in the Workplace

Barna Group: Most employed Christians want to do good in their places of work—but not always in a way that stands out.