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What Pastors Like Most About Their Ministries

Here's how pastors responded to my informal social media poll asking them about their favorite role.

Study: Christians Split on How Visible Their Faith Is

LifeWay Research: Fifteen percent of Protestant churchgoers strongly assert that matters of faith are a part of their regular conversations with fellow believers.

5 Rather Surprising Findings About Growing and Declining Churches

In The Unstuck Church Report, we've uncovered surprising findings about the trends in growing and declining churches.

People Want More Christ This Christmas

LifeWay Research: Two-thirds of Americans (65 percent) say, “Christmas should be more about Jesus.”

Does God Want You to Prosper Financially?

LIfeWay Research: Many Protestant churchgoers say their church teaches that God will bless them if they donate money.

Pastors Remain Optimistic About Church Growth

LifeWay Research: Seventy-nine percent of pastors say weekly worship attendance at their church will increase in the next five years.

The Top 7 Trends in the Local Church

The trends most commonly reported by church consultants

What Does Americans’ Theology Really Look Like?

Because the majority of Americans believe religious belief is more personal opinion than objective truth, beliefs will change over time.

Trends in New Hispanic Church Plants

As with most other church plants, new Hispanic church works see exponential growth during the first few years.