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How Are We Addressing Sexual and Domestic Abuse in the Church?

LifeWay Research: Three-quarters of pastors (77 percent) say they speak about domestic violence at least once a year.

Survey: Sexual Misconduct in the Church

Many churchgoers believe there are still more revelations to be exposed, but few know of specific individuals in their church whose misconduct is still hidden.

Survey: Pastors’ Concern About the Church’s Future

New research with implications for after the quarantine is lifted

Grief, Memorial and Hope

At a time of great national loss the church has an opportunity—and a responsibility.

Greeters and Gifts: How Churches Welcome Guests

LifeWay Research: According to the study, the average pastor says their church does six different things to welcome guests.

Loneliness in America

The majority of adults has anywhere between two and five close friends (62 percent), but one in five regularly or often feels lonely.

Christian Civility and Politics

Many evangelicals by belief say they give others the benefit of the doubt but are frequently assumed to be attacking those with whom they disagree.

Research: Majority of Americans Believe Works Are the Key to Salvation

A majority of Americans, a new survey finds, no longer believe that Jesus Christ is the way to eternal salvation. Faith (generally) and good works, they say,...
support of pastors

Research: Majority of Pastors Feel Supported by Other Local Pastors

Digging in to Pastors’ Relationships With One Another

U.S. Adults Spend Half a Day Interacting with Media

According to Nielsen, American adults spend over 11 hours per day interacting with media.
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