Pastorpedia: Raising Funds for Special Projects

Proven advice for raising funds for kingdom expansion.

Samson the Movie: God Wants to Give You His Strength

"Samson’s story contains wisdom for us today—lessons of how we, too, can receive God’s strength."

Faith and Football at Super Bowl 53

Tony Dungy: "As much as the Super Bowls can be fun, it can't be your whole life. You gotta put the Lord first."

Pastorpedia: Ministering to People on the Fringes

What do you do for the people dabbling with your church.

The Bible (TV Miniseries)

An epic, 10-hour miniseries on the History Channel that brings the Bible narrative to life

Pastorpedia: Assessing Your Church’s Effectiveness

How do you know you're succeeding in what you're trying to do?

To Save a Life (Film)

The successful indie movie that explores the challenges of teen life
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