Francis Chan: Evangelism Is Like Raising the Dead

“Do you understand,” Francis Chan says, “when we’re talking about outreach, we’re talking about something where a miracle must happen?”

In a recent video, Francis Chan talks about a time he asked God to heal a blind man in his church. Chan says that he prayed for the man and believed God was capable of providing a miracle. He then compares that dependence on God for a miracle to our limited view of outreach.

“We don’t think of evangelism in those ways,” he says. “It’s almost like we think there’s something we can do to help it along.”

He explains that there was nothing he could physically do to make the man see, that it was going to take a miracle for him to be healed, and he suggests that we must believe with the same intensity for those who are spiritually blind, deaf and dead.

“Do we understand when we’re talking about outreach, we’re talking about . . . a miracle must happen? It’s just like raising the dead but sometimes we don’t think that way,” he says.

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