To Save a Life (Film)

The successful indie movie that explores the challenges of teen life

Pastorpedia: How to Run a Church Board

Tips for structuring a church board

Carson Wentz, Philadelphia Eagles quarterback

“It’s always easy to say ‘I surrender everything’ when things are going great, life’s good. But when it comes to an injury like this it’s a chance to practice what I preach.”

Jordan Richards, New England Patriots defensive back

“This year our chaplain has encouraged us to be glory reflectors—at the end of the day the real champion is Jesus.”

Kara Powell: ‘Our Kids Don’t Understand the Grace of Jesus Christ’

In a brief video, Kara Powell offers some best practices for parents who want to help their children build a robust, resilient Christian faith.

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Here are the best ways for pastors to create habits of spiritual and physical health.

Pastorpedia: Ministering to People on the Fringes

What do you do for the people dabbling with your church.

Pastorpedia: Leading People Post-COVID-19

A Video Resource of CE National, a church effectiveness ministry

Jesus Film Bundle Available for Special Price During Christmas

For $100, shoppers can buy 100 DVDs that feature the story of Jesus in 24 languages.

Pastorpedia: Working with Other Churches and Ministries

Knute Larson, Jeff Bogue and Jim Brown talk about how and when to work with other churches and ministries.