Pastorpedia: Balance for the Pastor’s Life and Schedule

Pastors Knute Larson, Jeff Bogue, and Jim Brown talk about how they prioritize their church and family life.

Highway Media: What Is Community?

Man-on-the-street interview for sermon illustration or discussion starter.

Megachurch Pastor Leads Riders on New Amazon Prime Show

Brian Tome leads a six-day adventure ride through Colorado and Wyoming.

Pastorpedia: Leading People Post-COVID-19

A Video Resource of CE National, a church effectiveness ministry

Jordan Richards, New England Patriots defensive back

“This year our chaplain has encouraged us to be glory reflectors—at the end of the day the real champion is Jesus.”

Pastorpedia: The Hazards of Being a Pastor

Addressing some of the cautions and warnings that all of us need to heed to avoid the wrecks, to guard our hearts, to protect the body of Christ.

Jesus Film Bundle Available for Special Price During Christmas

For $100, shoppers can buy 100 DVDs that feature the story of Jesus in 24 languages.
church values and goalsvideo

Pastorpedia: Values, Goals and Your Church

Do We Need Them? Or Do We Just ‘Follow God’?

Pastorpedia: Distinguishing Between Community and Discipleship

Knute Larson, Jeff Bogue and Jim Brown talk about the distinctions between community and discipleship.