Pastorpedia: Racial and Political Prejudice

How should we talk about issues of politics and race in our churches?

The Bible (TV Miniseries)

An epic, 10-hour miniseries on the History Channel that brings the Bible narrative to life

Seeing ‘I Still Believe’ Come to Life on Screen

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Pastorpedia: Preparing for an Excellent Worship Service

Knute Larson, Jeff Bogue and Jim Brown talk about planning and preparing for an excellent worship service experience each week.

What If We All Made the Same Kind of Difference?

Your church can play a huge part in ending homelessness.

Zach Ertz, Philadelphia Eagles tight end

“Our marriage is built on the foundation of the Word. Our relationship wouldn’t be nearly as strong without Jesus at the center.”

Pastorpedia: Raising Funds for Special Projects

Proven advice for raising funds for kingdom expansion.

Nick Foles, Philadelphia Eagles quarterback

“It’s not about prospering at all. It’s how [God has] humbled me. Whenever I was at my lowest, that’s where my relationship with Christ grew.”

Pastorpedia: Guarding the Pastor’s Health

Here are the best ways for pastors to create habits of spiritual and physical health.

Ministry Pivot: How to Pivot Your Self-Care

Russell St. Bernard talks with Heather Palacios, pastoral staff at Church by The Glades in Coral Springs, Florida; Adam Durso, executive director of Lead NYC; and Brian Bullock, pastoral staff at World Overcomers in Durham, North Carolina.