Faith, Friends & Football

Players and coaches reflect on the things that motivate them outside the game.

Pastorpedia: Clarifying the Gospel

Not everyone among us understands the gospel. It's our responsibility to make it clear.

2 Faith-Based, Military-Themed Films Tackle PTSD

'Unbroken: Path to Redemption' (opening Sept. 14) and 'Indivisible' (opening Oct. 26) both explore PTSD.

Video: Schoolgirls in Kenya Celebrate Clean Water

This "Dear Water" poem was written by Kenyan schoolgirls when clean water became a reality.

Jesus Film Bundle Available for Special Price During Christmas

For $100, shoppers can buy 100 DVDs that feature the story of Jesus in 24 languages.

Samson the Movie: God Wants to Give You His Strength

"Samson’s story contains wisdom for us today—lessons of how we, too, can receive God’s strength."

Ministry Pivot: How to Pivot Your Self-Care

Russell St. Bernard talks with Heather Palacios, pastoral staff at Church by The Glades in Coral Springs, Florida; Adam Durso, executive director of Lead NYC; and Brian Bullock, pastoral staff at World Overcomers in Durham, North Carolina.

Francis Chan: Evangelism Is Like Raising the Dead

"Do you understand," Francis Chan says, "when we're talking about outreach, we're talking about something where a miracle must happen?"

The Grace Card (Film)

A powerful story of forgiveness and God’s grace