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Discipleship and Spiritual Growth

Renewing Self to Renew Others

4 encouragements to relax

5 Questions to Consider Before Retirement

Q: What makes a good retirement? A: A good retirement has many features, but there is one you cannot afford to overlook. Many working people decry the lack...

The Danger of Digital Church Without Community

Digital technology plays a key role in the church, but what COVID-19 has shown is that being the church online requires more than simply streaming a worship...

4 Ways to Rebuild the Church After COVID-19

The pandemic has caused the church to reexamine the way she serves the community of believers. Many pastors have felt the pain in the weeks that followed...

5 Ways to Build Strength During the Pandemic

As I pondered what to write for this article, I decided to turn from any attempt at being profound and go for the personal and practical. Just...

Getting Honest About Mental Illness in Church

Jarrid Wilson, church leaders, and the specter of mental illness

How to Reconnect to the Christ-Story in Your Church

Three practical ways to connect with the unfolding story of what Christ is doing in the local church

5 Steps to Local Church Renewal

Focus on these things to move your church forward out of a rut.