An Unhurried Leader

An Unhurried Leader
The Lasting Fruit of Daily Influence
(IVP Formatio, 2017)

WHO: Alan Fadling, founder and president of Unhurried Living.

HE SAYS: “We must not allow fear, procrastination, or laziness to hinder fruitful activity. But often the first thing to be done as a leader is something more receptive than active, something like listening, seeing, or reflecting.”

THE BIG IDEA: Instead of letting the world dictate the pace that we live and lead at, we should look to Jesus to lead the way.

The author begins by describing an unhurried leader and explaining how these leaders operate from a place of abundance and God’s presence.
Next, he looks at questions the “unhurry” leaders, how grace empowers leadership and God’s vision for our leadership.
He spends the last third of the book looking at how we can unhurry our thoughts and the importance of prayer and working with God in tthis process.
Chapters end with ways to put the ideas presented into action as well as reflection questions.

”It’s strange that Christian leaders think they are supposed to be examples of perfection rather than of growth in their faith.”

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“Emphasizing a less frenzied and more joyful pace, the author suggests ways to trust the vision God has imparted and not let culture dictate the rate at which God accomplishes it.”

Evaluated by Bob Whitesel, a speaker, coach, professor and author of 13 books.