Developing Emotionally Mature Leaders

Developing Emotionally Mature Leaders
How Emotional Intelligence Can Help Transform Your Ministry (Baker, 2018)

WHO: Aubrey Malphurs, senior professor of leadership and pastoral ministry at Dallas Theological Seminary and founder of the Malphurs Group.

HE SAYS: “Great leaders lead through the emotions. They move us. They ignite our passion and inspire the best in us.”

THE BIG IDEA: Christian leaders need a pathway that challenges them to become more aware of, understand and manage their emotions and those of others so that they can be emotionally mature leaders who relate well with and inspire their followers. This book lays out a roadmap to this path.

The first section provides an orientation to the world of emotional intelligence, addressing basic assumptions, providing a brief history and offering an argument as to why emotional intelligence should be important to Christian leaders.
The second section defines emotional intelligence, then establishes seven core emotions found in the Bible. It also looks at how the brain functions in emotional intelligence and what the Bible teaches about it.
The third section provides three models for developing emotional intelligence and discusses whether it is OK to use research that isn’t developed by Christians. It also presents the author’s leadership model.
Thorough appendices provide a basic emotions audit as well as 12 different skills builders.

“What we desperately need is training that intentionally seeks to bolster the leader’s emotional side, which deeply impacts their relationships with those whom they lead or desire to lead.”

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