Get Off Your Donkey!

Reggie McNeal: Help Somebody and Help Yourself

Get Off Your Donkey! Help Somebody and Help Yourself
By Reggie McNeal (Baker Books)

Picture the Good Samaritan trying to help that wounded one without getting off his donkey, and you get McNeal’s passionate criticism of faith when it is a label or Sunday habit rather than a daily mission. The book emphasizes that we not only deliver God’s grace and provision when we help others, but we also strengthen ourselves. We grow and experience worth and satisfaction. McNeal is downright personal and practical in the chapters on building on our own strengths and interests rather than trying to duplicate someone else’s. He calls us to look around! Don’t just drive past needs—get out of your car! Very motivating, this book just makes sense. McNeal gets at our hearts and character, not just our schedules or guilt. This book makes me want to serve better, for good cause! —Knute Larson, from the March/April 2014 issue of Outreach magazine

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