Still Wrestling

Still Wrestling
Faith Renewed Through Brokenness
(Leafwood Publishers, 2018)

WHO: Les Ferguson Jr., a columnist for the Clarion Ledger.

HE SAYS: “If God is not going to take it all away now, I am thankful for the next best thing. Hallelujah for grace!”

THE BIG IDEA: The author went through an unimaginable tragedy that rearranged every aspect of his life. Through the lens of wrestling with God, he presents here familiar Bible stories in new ways to reveal the people’s humanity, brokenness and weakness and show God’s grace.

This highly readable book begins with the startling and heartbreaking account of the tragedy that rocked Les’ world. He then moves to with short chapters that each capture the story of a biblical character—that person’s fears and struggles.
What Les also makes clear is that he doesn’t have all the answer and that he still gets angry with God. But his honest perspective on brokenness is relatable and helpful.
This rich study of the Bible connects on a deep level, and he concludes by encouraging readers to see God’s love.

“While we long for the ultimate healing, open your eyes to the ever-present grace of God. There is still great beauty in this world to be found. There is still much joy to be had. Life is still worth living.”

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