MEGA Sports Camp

Gospel Publishing House: Breaking Free

MEGA Sports Camp: Breaking Free
(Gospel Publishing House)

This outreach in a box offers everything you need to run an amazing week of sports and devotions for community kids. Mega Sports Camp is a great alternative to traditional VBS and allows the church to reach an ever-growing audience in today’s world.

This is the second year I recommend MEGA Sports Camp (though the theme, Bible stories and sports stories change every year) as the top choice, for so many reasons. There are probably hundreds of options on the market for running a kids program at your church, but this one hits a home run (no pun intended) every time. It has great content filled with biblical truths in a language that relates to kids. The sports aspect of it creates a nonthreatening environment where all the kids in your community, not just the believers, can feel welcome and connected. And that, my friends, is what outreach is all about.—Steve Adams, from the March/April 2014 issue of Outreach magazine


What’s Inside:

For the Director
*Director Guide
*Poster Pack of daily MEGA Points, theme MEGA Verse and announcement posters
*Director DVD and CD-ROM
*Art CD-ROM filled with decoration ideas, banner and name tag art, and much more

For Volunteers
*Rally Guide for Bible sessions
*Soccer Playbook
*Basketball Playbook
*Flag Football Playbook
*Cheerleading Playbook
*Coach Huddle Guide for small group time
*Music and Media DVD and Music CD

Just for Kids
*Theme Keepers daily collectibles
*Sports Flash daily newspapers
*Welcome to Holsom: Adventures in Faith salvation follow-up
*Water Bottle and Evangelism Ball
*Theme Verse Magnetic Photo Frame

From Outreach Magazine  The Action Bible Devotional


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