The Faithfulness of Charles Spurgeon’s Wife, Susie

Ray Rhodes Jr.: The Life and Legacy of Susannah Spurgeon, Wife of Charles H. Spurgeon
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Mary, the Simple Girl at the Center of Everything

From all indicators, her life would not be extraordinary.

The Surprising Ministry of Susannah Spurgeon

Susannah Spurgeon left a remarkable legacy in her own right, even as she supported her husband's ministry.

A Million Miles in a Thousand Years

Donald Miller: What I Learned While Editing My Life

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David Bennett: A War of Loves

Now I Walk on Death Row

Dale S. Recinella: A Wall Street Finance Lawyer Stumbles Into the Arms of a Loving God

Resisting the Idol of Sexuality

Both progressives and conservatives have often made an idol out of sexuality. The answer is to return our focus to the gospel.

Tombstones and Banana Trees

Medad Birungi: A True Story of Revolutionary Forgiveness

How Befriending a Refugee Changed Me

Shawn Smucker: Once We Were Strangers


Reggie Dabbs: You Can’t Change Your Past, but You Can Change Your Future